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Five Ways Relationship Building Can Create Success

Written by Don Yaeger on . Posted in Chasing Greatness Blog

Team 180 Cruise Picture

Editor’s Note: This week’s blog will be written by Lee Williams, a member of my writing team, on the importance of relationship-building within an organization. I hope you enjoy his insights!

– Don Yaeger

I asked Don for permission to write for his blog for this week because I wanted to share some thoughts about our team environment.

This week, our company celebrated its annual Christmas party—a remarkable mixing of our personal and professional lives. In some companies, it is a dreaded annual obligation but while at our company’s event, I was able to observe the outstanding camaraderie between our team and family members. From a home-cooked meal (Don’s wife Jeanette is an incredible cook!) to a White Elephant gift exchange that left us all laughing, the focus was very clearly on relationship-building and by the end of the night, I realized that this is a key component to success in any organization.

Feedback is the Breakfast of Champions

Written by Don Yaeger on . Posted in Chasing Greatness Blog

A couple of weeks ago, I did a webinar on leadership for a company in the Midwest.

After that event, we sent out a survey to those who participated. We wanted them to freely share their thoughts on the experience. My excitement was high at the thought of hearing their responses, but I was disappointed when a few of the respondents wrote some very strongly worded comments that were not particularly positive. The truth is, at their root, the critiques really gave me a road map to improvement. This prompted me to consider the role of feedback in our lives, and how important it is in our overall growth.

Which is More Important: Resiliency v. “Game Control?”

Written by Don Yaeger on . Posted in Chasing Greatness Blog

I love college football and a couple of years ago, when I learned that a decision had been made to implement a four-team playoff, I was overjoyed.

As a fan, the move excited me because instead of relying on computers and polls, we’d have an actual committee to evaluate which teams had earned the right to battle for the national title…then let the championship be decided on the field. But as this season has progressed, I’ve lost much of my enthusiasm for that committee because it seems that every week it is announcing a new criteria for what makes a team a top-four candidate.