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Dick Vitale

Records are made to be broken...
The truly great know their legacy isn't what they did on the field (or in the broadcast booth). They are well-rounded.

He is the face of college basketball, a man whose enthusiasm for the game is so infectious that when the Basketball Hall of Fame considered his induction last year, the decision was a slam dunk. As college basketball season kicked into gear last week, Dick Vitale was in his own personal heaven, broadcasting games from the game's Mecca, Madison Square Garden.

But that's just Dick Vitale the broadcaster. Dick Vitale the man is an even greater Hall of Famer.

Tim Tebow

When Everyone is Watching...
The truly Great embrace the idea of being a role model.

Quick Disclaimer: I live in Tallahassee and, though I didn't attend the school, I long ago became a fan of Florida State. And any supporter will tell you it is tough to offer praise of your fiercest rival. That makes this all the more difficult. But while celebrating the opening of college football this weekend, it was impossible not to recognize a person who exhibits so many traits of Greatness down in Gainesville: Quarterback Tim Tebow.

The Florida Gators' championship season in 2008 didn't start out as a promising one. They struggled in early wins and then lost, 31-30, to unranked conference rival Mississippi; but the team turned a corner after Tim Tebow made what is now known simply as "The Podium Speech" in which he made a promise that changed their season.

Annika Sorenstam

Hope for the Best, but...
The truly great prepare for all possibilities before they step on the field

Annika Sorenstam posted career numbers that practically look like typos. From 2001 to 2005, Sorenstam competed in 104 Ladies Professional Golf Association tournaments, winning an unbelievable 43 of those events, finished either second or third 24 times and in the top-10 an astounding 86 times. When she left professional golf earlier this year, she had 90 international tournament wins to her name - more than any other female golfer in history. She was the highest-earning athlete on the LPGA tour, topping $22 million, over her career.

But rather than resting on her laurels as she prepared to exit the tour circuit, Sorenstam was already looking ahead to the next phase of her career - and taking the necessary steps to make that move just as successful as her playing days had been.

John Wooden

Hope for the best, but...
The truly great understand the importance of thorough preparation

The Greatest Coach of All Time (as selected by his peers) celebrates his 99th birthday today! Former UCLA Basketball Coach John Wooden would be the first to tell you that "he" didn't win 10 national championships, the young men he "taught" are responsible for those banners.

His teaching methods were often unconventional... but always effective.

Warren Moon

What's Off-Season?
The truly great are always working towards the next game...

Warren Moon was a quarterback. As he emphasized time and again while we were working on his recently released memoir, Never Give Up on Your Dream, he wasn't a wide receiver or a running back. He wasn't a defensive back. He was a quarterback - and he was determined to play that position - all the way to Canton, Ohio, home of the NFL Hall of Fame, which welcomed a new class during ceremonies last weekend.

Chris Paul

Ultimate Teammate...
The truly great will assume whatever role is necessary for the team to win.

The 2008 United States Olympic Basketball Team had one goal in mind: to recapture the gold after earning the bronze in 2004. Dubbed "The Redeem Team," the roster read like a future Hall of Fame ballot with names like Carmelo Anthony, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Jason Kidd, and Dwight Howard listed one after another. Even the "second string," anchored by Chris Paul, was outstanding.

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