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The Ultimate Upset

Upstart Villanova proved March Madness, like life, is all bout your performance on the court.

The NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament is nicknamed March Madness for two reasons: One, that’s the month when the three-week tournament mainly happens each year and, two, the tourney’s legacy includes dynasty teams and dramatic underdog stories. March Madness, as in life, is all about how you perform on the court. Nothing else matters—your size, your fame or the name on the front of your jersey.

Michael Jordan

When All Else Fails
They know how - and when - to adjust their game plan

It was June 14, 1998. The Chicago Bulls trailed the Utah Jazz 86-83 with 40 seconds remaining in what was game six of the NBA Finals. The Bulls held a 3-2 series advantage.

Michael Jordan took the inbounds pass, went straight to the basket and hit a lay-up over Utah defenders, cutting the deficit to one. The Jazz took the ball down court and passed it to all-star forward Karl Malone. Dennis Rodman was guarding Malone, but Jordan slipped behind Malone and swatted the ball away for a steal.

Walter Payton

Do Unto Others...
They know character is defined by the way they treat those who cannot help them

In the fall of 1993, a prominent Chicago personality decided to host a Thanksgiving dinner benefiting 650 underprivileged children. As part of the program, Santa and Mrs. Claus, Frosty the Snowman and the Easter Bunny were invited to join the kids that night.

As he was waiting in line, one little boy began to cry. The host went to him immediately and asked him what was wrong. "I can't believe it," the boy said. "I can't believe Santa Claus is here and that Santa would come all the way from the North Pole just to see me."

The Straight Shot

How Arnold Palmer became the richest athlete in the world.

Sitting in his unpretentious Orlando office, not a trophy in sight, Arnold Palmer bounced from answering calls about a clothing deal in Japan to e-mail about a golf course in Dubai to interviews with reporters from across the United States.

All the while, a most inappropriately named yellow Labrador sat quietly at his feet. Between million-dollar decisions, Palmer scratched the 8-year-old pooch beneath his chin and accepted the dog’s return of affection.

Winning Every Day

Pat Summitt’s Strategy Centers on Goal-Setting

Eight times Pat Summitt’s University of Tennessee women’s basketball team has ended the season by lifting high the national championship trophy. Not once was that her team’s goal.

Before each of the 34 seasons that Summitt has been a head coach of some of the most accomplished teams of all time, she and her captains have committed a set of goals to writing.

NFL’s Warrick Dunn Is Giving Homes For The Holidays

Warrick Dunn's tribute to his mom makes the American Dream a reality for needy families.

Thanksgiving night, 2007. In a nationally televised game, Warrick Dunn, the diminutive running back then playing for the Atlanta Falcons, took a quick handoff early in the second quarter and plunged his 5-foot-9-inch, 180-pound frame into a mass of 300-pound linemen. On the other end of the run, he found history.

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