• Great Teams: 16 Things High Performing Organizations Do Differently

    Read what some of the greatest team builders in sports and business have to say
    about Don Yaeger's newest book on building championship cultures.

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Hear what some of the greatest
winners in sports have to say

  • "...A coach can orchestrate a team to a perfect season. But in the end none of this matters unless these Great Teams can change each other’s lives in the process as Don Yaeger explains."

    Jim Boeheim

    Head Basketball Coach at Syracuse University

  • "Don's book shows how rare and special these moments can be for all involved and how we can go about creating those moments for our own teams."

    Russ Rose

    Head Volleyball coach at Penn State University

  • "Don's insights toward the achievement of success apply to far more than athletics. "

    Bill Snyder

    Head football coach at Kansas State University

  • "Don Yaeger does an outstanding job of illustrating how teams are the product of various backgrounds and cultures in his book, Great Teams."

    Tony Dungy

    Hall of fame head coach of the Indianapolis Colts

  • "As a leader, you always want to learn more. I promise you will learn from this book.

    Roy Williams

    Head coach basketball coach University of North Carolina

  • "Don Yaeger is on a mission to find exactly what makes Great Teams click."

    Mike Martin

    Head Baseball Coach at Florida State University

  • "We can all use Great Teams as a guideline for enhancing the key components of our own teams."

    Kevin Eastman

    Former assistant coach and Vice President for Basketball Operations of the Los Angeles Clippers

  • "In this book, Great Teams, Don Yaeger has created Cliff Notes for anyone who wants to benefit from this discussion."

    Becky Burleigh

    Head Coach of the Women's Soccer Program at University of Florida

  • "In Great Teams, Don Yaeger breaks those habits down so all of us can learn."

    Jackie MacMullan

    NBA columnist for ESPN

  • "Don Yaeger spends every day studying the best, so he knows the answers to this question."

    Michael Oher

    Offensive tackle for the Carolina Panthers

  • "It’s the selfless athletes that play for a common purpose that make a team truly Great. A true masterpiece!"

    Sue Semrau

    Head Women's Basketball Coach at Florida State University

  • "Don Yaeger has studied the best of the best. Now it is our turn to study this book."

    Mike Krzyzewski

    Head Basketball Coach at Duke University

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Hear what some of the greatest
leaders in business have to say

  • "This book shows leaders exactly how they can get more wins – and enjoy better relationships at the same time."

    Tom Ziglar

    CEO – Proud Son of Zig Ziglar

  • "In Don Yaeger's book you can discover how the best teams of all time, in both sports and business, achieved those big things."

    Howard Behar

    Former president of Starbucks Coffee Company International

  • "When you can find someone who has truly studied Great Teams, as Don has here, these lessons are an amazing and impactful resource which ever leader should leverage."

    Bill Swales

    North America Channel and Alliance Leader at Oracle

  • "To have a Great Team, you have to study Great Teams, and this is the champion’s playbook."

    Ryan Blair

    CEO of ViSalus

  • "Don Yaeger has distilled what those Great Teams do that others don’t. Don’t miss this chance to learn from the best!"

    Darren Hardy

    Former Publisher of SUCCESS Magazine & New York Times Best-Selling Author

  • "Don Yaeger’s insight in studying those teams provides us all with a strong foundation for our own team success."

    Eric Martorano

    General Manager at Microsoft

  • "Once that vision for Greatness is realized, the foundation for Great Teams can be built as Don Yaeger illustrates in his book."

    Ty Bennett

    Author of Partnership Is The New Leadership

  • "Don Yaeger's Great Teams provides the perfect collection of genius, to help others realize their potential in building and experiencing a Great Team!"

    Brad Black

    President and CEO of HUMANeX Ventures

  • "If you have a pulse in your body and breath to breathe, you have the faculty to be Great... Great Teams embodies these lessons."

    Chad Hymas

    Author, Motivational Speaker

  • "Don has captured the essentials of creating exceptional experiences within teams, and that work has far-reaching benefits."

    Ruby Newell-Legner

    Fan Experience Expert for the National Speakers Association

  • "In his book, Great Teams, Don has broken down the habits of these coaches as he explains what makes these teams Great."

    Ken Coleman

    Motivational speaker

  • "Every business leader should make this a cornerstone guide to taking their business to the next level."

    Jack Daly

    Author, motivational speaker

  • "Great Teams by Don Yaeger provides a roadmap for all of us!"

    GJ Hart

    CEO of California Pizza Kitchen

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Media & Thought Leaders

Hear what some of the loudest
voices in media have to say

  • "Don Yaeger does a masterful job of building a game-plan for you to use as your team chases excellence!"

    John C. Maxwell

    Leadership expert, speaker and best-selling author

  • "Don Yaeger has described in great detail and with extraordinary insight the essence of what separates great teams from merely good."

    Jason Cole

    NFL reporter for BleacherReport.com

  • "In his latest work, Great Teams, Don analyzes the answers from some of the Greatest of our time."

    Ethan Skolnick

    Columnist for the Miami Herald

  • "Don Yaeger does a masterful job of building a game-plan for you to use as your team chases excellence!"

    Jay Bilas

    College basketball analyst for ESPN

  • "in this book by Don Yaeger you will be able to see how Great Teams are formulated. Don Yaeger is awesome, Baby, with a capital "A"!"

    Dick Vitale

    ESPN Sportscaster

  • "Great Teams lays out the simple, clear steps we can all take to build the kind of team that succeeds again and again."

    Simon Sinek

    New York Times Best-selling author, motivational speaker

  • "Don doesn’t let us down in this book as he breaks down the habits of Great Teams."

    Lars Anderson

    Senior Writer for Sports Illustrated

  • "The values Don evokes in his book are vital for those hoping to get to the next level."

    Lewis Howes

    Author, entrepreneur, and host of The School of Greatness podcast

  • "That big-picture approach here in Great Teams is a value to us all. The habits of Great Teams are worth the study."

    Adam Schefter

    American sports writer and television analyst

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