Lesson 10

Great Teams Adapt And Embrace Change

Great Teams Adapt And Embrace Change

They understand what sowed winning results in the past might not guarantee future success. Pick up tips on how the Great Team leaders identify necessary adjustments and quickly conform strategies to fit the changing landscape.

What sows success one year for a company might not necessarily work in the next. Being resistant or oblivious to change is a common mistake made by a team and its leaders; however, the Great Teams embrace that change and are open to adapting its game plan to successfully fit the task at hand. In this lesson, you will learn how great winners welcomed new ideas and strategies, both minor or major, in order to consistently return to championship heights.

In this lesson, you will learn how to make structural shuffles and moments of leadership change to accelerate your success instead of becoming a reason for failure.

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Some of the Winning Teams Don Yaeger works with

Hewlett Packard