Lesson 11

Great Teams Run Successful Huddles

Great Teams Run Successful Huddles

Meetings, like huddles, are an important part of achieving Greatness. Master the art of efficient and effective meetings that reduce confusion, heighten engagement, and spark high-performance.

The number one frustration for many companies center on meetings, which can trigger a wide variety of emotions throughout the levels of any organization. But even the road to success has pit-stops. Meetings, like the huddles of great sports teams, are an important part of achieving a winning culture. The teams that run the best meetings possess strengths, protocol, and values that its opponents neglect. Like great huddles, great meetings must start on-time and end on-time while remaining fully informative to all parties involved.

In this lesson, you will learn how the Great Teams in sports and business run their huddles in a way that promotes efficiency, clarity, and championship results.

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Some of the Winning Teams Don Yaeger works with

Hewlett Packard