Lesson 12

Great Teams Improve Through Scouting

Great Teams Improve Through Scouting

They scout internally and externally to gain a competitive advantage. Learn how to find winning results by placing equal value on the study of competitors as well as introspective approaches like self-evaluation, internal trends, and performance reviews.

Great Teams are amazing at studying the competition. In order to gain a competitive advantage, these organizations must take a critical look at how its opponents react to challenges. Successful teams must also take that same focus and evaluate its own behavior in an identical scenario. The Great Teams scout internally and externally to maximize its own efforts while being well-versed on the efforts of competitors. High-performing organizations make an aggressive habit of studying its own team performance just as much as it monitors opponents.

In this lesson, you will learn effective ways to evaluate internally and externally, and ultimately develop better methods of identifying and improving weaknesses in your team.

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Some of the Winning Teams Don Yaeger works with

Hewlett Packard