Lesson 15

Great Teams Speak A Different Language

Great Teams Speak A Different Language

They speak success into existence. Discover how to ask the right questions and promote effective communication on a high-performing, underachieving, seasoned or inexperienced team.

Through success or failure, Great leaders always know what to say to bring out the best in their organization. Many teams underrate the art of properly framing communication—especially in times of struggle. Successful team leaders don’t berate or chide employees, but seek ways to positively articulate objectives and expectations. Positive communication is not only a habit for high performance teams, but also a tool that can reinforce and enhance the values of the organization.

In this lesson, you will learn how to unite and motivate a team around strategic communication, praise, and constructive feedback.

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Some of the Winning Teams Don Yaeger works with

Hewlett Packard