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In Remembrance of Jerry Tarkanian

The year was 1989. I had authored my first book about the NCAA and its “justice system.” The book hadn’t sold many copies, but those who had purchased it expressed hope in its message. One of the people who liked the book was Jerry Tarkanian, head coach of the University of Nevada Las Vegas men’s basketball team. He had been through a very long battle with the NCAA—considered then to be the most powerful organization in sports—over allegations that he’d cheated as a head coach.

How Coach K Motivates USA Basketball

How Coach K Motivates USA Basketball

The Ongoing Drive to Get NBA Stars to Buy Into Representing Their Country

How do you get some of the world's wealthiest athletes to perform—in peak form—during their summer vacation?

This is USA Basketball's eternal quandary. It is a challenge that only got tougher last month, when Paul George gruesomely broke his right leg during a Team USA scrimmage.

But over in Spain, where the U.S. will play for the FIBA World Cup title on Sunday, Mike Krzyzewski believes he has the answer. It is a bit sentimental, but to this point, you can't argue with the results. He calls it "feel-it" moments: team visits to cemeteries, trips to military bases, anything to drive home the significance of representing one's country.

In Celebration of a Miracle

Miracle on Ice

It’s hard to believe that on February 22nd, 35 years ago, our U.S. Olympic hockey team—comprised of college players—took on the heavily-favored Soviets. It was an event known as “the Miracle on Ice” and would become one of the Greatest sports upsets of all time.

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