Authorship Recommendations

Endorsements from the great ones Don Yaeger has written about in his best-selling books.

Warrick Dunn

Working with Don he asked me a question – “What would you say if you ever met the man who killed my mother?” – that changed my life. We went together to meet that man on death row and after forgiving him I am free of things that were dragging me before. Working on the book was a great experience in many ways.

John Smoltz

I wasn’t sure I’d ever do a book, but now I am glad I did. Don Yaeger made the experience a lot less challenging than I thought it would have been.

Rex Ryan

I enjoy telling stories. Don made doing this book like sitting at the dinner table and just moving from one story to the next. He came in and replaced another writer we had hired and he didn’t miss a beat.

Dale Brown

There are few journalists in America – maybe none – who are like Don. His character, his passion, his integrity make him a special human being. Yes we wrote a book together, but today I’d tell you that if I had a son I’d want it to be Don Yaeger.

Michael Oher

I chose Don because of the kind of people he had worked with before. When I saw that Walter Payton had trusted him to be his writer, I knew I could trust him, too.

Some of the Winning Teams Don Yaeger works with

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