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One Last Father’s Day Tribute

On Sunday, while celebrating with my two little ones, I read a dozen or so wonderful Father’s Day tributes on the internet.

Many of you probably did the same. A couple were from famous men writing notes to their grandchildren. That afternoon I sat down and imagined what my father, who passed away in 1999, would have written to my son and daughter based on the life he lived.

Have You Thanked Your Competition Today?

I had a speech last week in Nebraska and before I caught my flight home, I made my way over to the US Olympic Swimming Trials in Omaha to catch up with two of the greatest competitors on the planet.

Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte have established in the pool what Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer had on the golf course or Jimmy Connors and John McEnroe had on the tennis courts. Anytime they are in the same event, all eyes are locked on the two best swimmers on the planet.

Don’t just get a Ph.D in life…

Warrick Dunn is one of the most exceptional people I’ve ever met.

Warrick played 13 years in the NFL, becoming the smallest player in the league’s history to carry the football for more than 10,000 yards. While in high school, his mother, a police officer, was killed during a robbery at a bank. When Warrick made it to the NFL, he started a foundation and continues today to help buy homes for single mothers like his. To date, he has helped 115 single parents and 306 children wake up in homes they get to call their own. (Read more...)

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