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Lesson’s from an All-Star Mom

Chipper Jones, the amazing third baseman for the Atlanta Braves, announced last week that this would be his final season in Major League baseball.

This 19th year – all spent with the same team – will lead him “into the sunset,” he said. He is taking that rare opportunity in sports to retire on his own terms. Coming into this last year, the numbers Jones has already accumulated virtually assure him a spot in the game’s Hall of Fame. He has hit 454 homeruns (33rd best of all time), made 2,625 hits (75th best in the history of the game) and been selected as an All-Star seven times.

Peyton’s Place – How One Person Can Elevate A Team

Sad to see it end, but so glad it was handled with such class.

Last week, the incomparable Peyton Manning, after sitting out a year with injury, was released by the Indianapolis Colts. His exit press conference, with the team owner that was cutting him standing just feet away, should be the standard for all “good bye” events. Manning’s eyes watered… while he was thanking the equipment managers!

Why March Madness Pits David Against Goliath

It’s my favorite sporting “event” of year. March Madness, the NCAA Basketball tournament, is in full force.

Some call it the Big Dance and one reason is that some of America’s smallest colleges get to appear at the ball like Cinderella. You get to pull for teams with mascots like Greyhounds, Jackrabbits, Racers, Catamounts, Zags, Delta Devils, Hilltoppers, and Gaels. Gaels???

When A Loss Doesn’t Have To Be A Loss

With all due respect to my friends in Alabama, it is “The greatest rivalry in all of sports.”

That’s how Dick Vitale refers to the legendary tussles between Duke and the University of North Carolina basketball teams and I agree with him. You have a private school in Duke less than fifteen miles away from a major state university in UNC. Both are perennial contenders for the national championship. UNC leads the all schools with 18 Final Four appearances while Duke is in third place with 15. UNC has five national championships while Duke has four. Earlier this year Duke beat the Tar Heels in a buzzer beater at North Carolina. This past weekend North Carolina avenged the loss by beating Duke 88-70 at Duke.

To LINgit to Quit!

I hate to be late to a party, but I’ll admit I kept waiting on this one because I kept thinking it might flame out.

Count me in on the party…but only because I’ve spent the last week learning more about Jeremy Lin the fighter than Jeremy Lin the man-of-the-moment New York Knick Rock Star. Lin’s face is everywhere. The Knicks point guard has taken the world by storm. He has led the Knicks to a 7-2 record since he became a starter. His highlights include hitting a game-winning 3 pointer at the buzzer to beat the Toronto Raptors and nationally televised wins over Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers and the defending champion Dallas Mavericks. During this time Lin became the first NBA player to score at least 20 points and have seven assists in each of his first five starts. Ever.

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