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Winning Every Day

Pat Summitt’s Strategy Centers on Goal-Setting

Eight times Pat Summitt’s University of Tennessee women’s basketball team has ended the season by lifting high the national championship trophy. Not once was that her team’s goal.

Before each of the 34 seasons that Summitt has been a head coach of some of the most accomplished teams of all time, she and her captains have committed a set of goals to writing.

NFL’s Warrick Dunn Is Giving Homes For The Holidays

Warrick Dunn's tribute to his mom makes the American Dream a reality for needy families.

Thanksgiving night, 2007. In a nationally televised game, Warrick Dunn, the diminutive running back then playing for the Atlanta Falcons, took a quick handoff early in the second quarter and plunged his 5-foot-9-inch, 180-pound frame into a mass of 300-pound linemen. On the other end of the run, he found history.

Warrick Dunn

Inner Fire...
The truly great use adversity as fuel.

Nearly a year ago, this newsletter covered the story of NFL great Warrick Dunn. Response then to Warrick's amazing story was extraordinary, leading me to want to share another characteristic that Warrick embodies, especially since his autobiography - which recreates his journey to Greatness - was released Tuesday by Harper Collins. Warrick was also just featured on The Today Show.

On Thanksgiving night 2007, the crowd in Atlanta's Georgia Dome roared with praise. With a short burst through the line of scrimmage, Warrick Dunn became the 22nd running back in NFL history to rush for 10,000 yards.

Walter Payton

Do Unto Others...
They know character is defined by the way they treat those who cannot help them

In the fall of 1993, a prominent Chicago personality decided to host a Thanksgiving dinner benefiting 650 underprivileged children. As part of the program, Santa and Mrs. Claus, Frosty the Snowman and the Easter Bunny were invited to join the kids that night.

As he was waiting in line, one little boy began to cry. The host went to him immediately and asked him what was wrong. "I can't believe it," the boy said. "I can't believe Santa Claus is here and that Santa would come all the way from the North Pole just to see me."

Focusing On Improvement When You’ve Reached the Pinnacle

How Roy Williams Motivates His Team

Roy Williams knows about expectations. The veteran coach of the University of North Carolina’s vaunted basketball program has, in years past, fielded teams of which little was expected. And he has come to play with teams when anything less than a championship would seem, at least in the public eye, a failure.

Williams doesn’t hesitate in saying which he prefers: “Give me great players and big goals anytime.”

Mike Flynt

When All Else Fails...
The truly great know how - and when - to adjust their game plan.

Mike Flynt was one of the toughest linebackers in the Lone Star Conference when he was playing for Sul Ross State University, and as that team's senior captain, he had the Lobos ready for a breakout year in 1970. Flynt's toughness, often displayed by his willingness to scrap at the drop of a hat, became a negative when he got into one too many fights. On the eve of his senior season, coaches kicked Flynt from the team. Not only did the fight end Flynt's college career, it led to the unraveling of the Lobos season.

For 37 years, he carried the burden of letting his teammates down because he couldn't control his fists.

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