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Derek Jeter’s Greatest Hits

When New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter smacked his 3,000th career hit on July 9, it was the kind of picture-perfect moment kids dream of.

A warm summer day, a packed house and a home run ball caught by a lifelong Yankees fan who handed it back to Jeter with a huge smile. Only 27 other players in the history of professional baseball have managed the 3,000-hit threshold, and none had done it while playing for the Bronx Bombers.

Upping Her Game

Retired from tennis, Martina Navratilova continues to push herself, and to use her gifts to inspire and help others.

With a tennis racket strapped tightly to her hiking pack, Martina Navratilova began her ascent of Mount Kilimanjaro. The tennis legend had visions of celebrating at the summit of Africa’s highest peak by hitting a couple balls to see how far they might fly in the thin air at 19,341 feet.

Tony Dungy’s Championship Life

Dungy never lost faith that he could balance work and personal life, even when he wasn't winning the number of games he wanted.

It's a badge of honor among many sports coaches to tout long hours studying videos, nights slept on office couches and devotion to winning so all-consuming that everything else be damned. Tony Dungy doesn't wear that badge.

Dungy, head coach of the Indianapolis Colts, has long believed that he, his staff and players should be as devoted to family time as they are to playing time, as focused on giving to charities as they are to taking the ball away from opponents.

Monica Seles: Triumph of Love

Monica Seles' greatest victory wasn't on the tennis courts.

As a teenager, Monica Seles won some historic matches on the tennis court, dominating opponents and filling a room with trophies. Her greatest win, though, came years later.

Born in Yugoslavia in 1973, amid Cold War tensions and communist supply shortages, she started playing tennis with her father at the age of 5 “for a little exercise.” She quickly took to the sport. By 11, she was an internationally recognized phenom, and her family moved to the United States so she could develop her potential and grow her career. In 1990, at the age of 16, she became the youngest person ever to win the French Open.

The New 61

Thirty years after a dream eluded her, swimmer Diana Nyad is out to show the world what commitment looks like.

More than 90 miles of open ocean lies between Cuba and South Florida. For Diana Nyad, that stretch of shark-infested water equates to about 65 continuous hours of solitude, if all goes well—no rest, no physical contact with another person, no sound or movement except for the rhythmic kick-stroke-breathe, kick-stroke-breathe. Nyad, 61, is swimming every inch of this journey without assistance… or a shark cage.

Power Of The Team

Jeff Gordon has applied to life much of what he's learned in racing -- and believes the elements required for success in both are not that different.

In the final minutes of last year’s Subway Fresh Fit 600 in Phoenix, Jeff Gordon was in the lead and poised to win the race with three laps to go. As he pulled into the pit for his final stop, his crew bounded over the wall, replacing all four tires and refueling the No. 24 car in less than 13 seconds.

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