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“The Two Most Important Days of Your Life” A Lesson in Purpose

Do Unto Others

They know character is defined by how they treat those who cannot help them.

Tonight, I'm doing something that I've never done before. At 7 p.m., I'll be delivering a commencement address to a group of young college graduates who are headed out into the world.

I've been preparing for several weeks to give this speech and the top challenge has been figuring out what to say in twenty minutes that will have a lasting impact. While considering this, I don't think the impact could be any Greater than what was shared in my latest book collaboration, "The Two Most Important Days of Your Life".

Accountability: Are You Overlooking a Key to Success?

Rubbing Elbows
They understand the value of association.

I attended a conference hosted by Darren Hardy, publisher of SUCCESS Magazine, a couple of years ago. Hardy’s High Performance Forums are an amazing way for a small collection of entrepreneurial CEOs to spend a long weekend learning from each other. At the conclusion of the event, Darren offered all participants a unique challenge: He paired us into groups, with instructions for us to develop a one-year accountability partnership with each other. Together, each pair would have to engage in a weekly call to hold the other person responsible to the goals, dreams, and hopes that we had laid out during our time together.

How Principled Leadership Won John Wooden Ten National Championships

How Principled Leadership Won John Wooden Ten National Championships

What Off-Season?

They are always working toward the next game. The goal is what’s ahead—and there’s always something ahead.

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Moral Elevation: A Character Trait of Great Leaders

Contagious Enthusiasm
They are positive thinkers, they are enthusiastic, and that enthusiasm rubs off!

On a weekly basis, I’m on a lot of airplanes. There’s much stress that goes with traveling, and everybody acknowledges it. With the Holiday season still in full swing, airplane tensions have increased ten-fold. Recently, I had a flight attendant who clearly wasn’t dealing too well with the stress. She was snapping at everyone on the plane, me included!

Are We Too Busy to Think?

When No One is Watching
They are comfortable in the mirror. They live their life with integrity.

A few weeks ago I returned from vacation with my family in Europe. Before leaving, I took some extra precautions to ensure that I had a phone that would work internationally, just so that I could stay in touch and be available whenever anyone from my office needed me. But despite best efforts, when we got to Europe, the phone didn’t work after all!

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