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Danica Patrick

Ice In Their Veins…
The truly great are risk-takers. They don’t fear making a mistake.

She suffered her first real crash in 1994 at the age of 12, two years after she began go-kart racing competitively. Some said she was just lucky she hadn’t been in a crash before. Others thought that meant she wasn’t being aggressive enough.
She was coming around the final turn of the national event in Charlotte, N.C. Relentless and gunning toward the finish line, she moved to pass the leading driver on the inside – the same driver who had bumped her off the course and from first place to third, the lap before.

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Tug McGraw

Contagious Enthusiasm…
The truly great are positive thinkers… they are enthusiastic… and that enthusiasm rubs off.

One of the greatest parts of spring is the day baseball stadiums throughout the country open their doors. As the first pitch of the season is thrown, everyone still believes their team has a shot.

In Major League Baseball – as in life – the key to success is that belief. To be successful, belief is not simply wishful thinking, but a mantra which runs deep in spirit and mind.

To this day, the New York Mets’ 1973 season is still an unmatched testament to the power of believing. Their season started with great potential, but as it progressed, the injury list grew longer and their confidence took a nose-dive. Even their haplessly-happy pitcher, Tug McGraw, was in a slump.

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Showing Up To Work

Cal Ripken Jr. committed to being better at his craft. Every day. For two decades.

Setting an example is not the main means of influencing others; it is the only means.

Albert Einstein

If Albert Einstein was right, Cal Ripken should have been a CEO or politician rather than a shortstop,because Ripken led by example over and over… and over again.

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Dale Brown

When Everyone is Watching…
They embrace the idea of being a role model

It is officially called the NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Championship Tournament. But for most of us, it’s simply known as March Madness.

And what puts the madness into March? It is the opportunity for teams no one expects to win to suddenly go on a tear and challenge for the national title. Only twice in the history of this tournament has a team seeded 11th managed to find its way into the Final Four. One of those occasions was three years ago when George Mason University made a miraculous run through the tournament.

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