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How Rick Hendrick Built A Motorsports Empire By Valuing People Over Profits

How Rick Hendrick Built A Motorsports Empire By Valuing People Over Profits

Over the last decade, one of the hottest sayings in business was to “fail fast.” If things aren’t working out — whether it is a shift in strategy or a new hire — the phrase suggests cutting ties and doing it quickly. But for Rick Hendrick — a man known for doing everything fast — the phrase holds no truth. “When you trade people in, you don’t know who you’re going to get. But you’re better if you can just try to try to work with and develop the people you have,” he told the Corporate Competitor Podcast.

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How Tom Brady And A Bartender Saved Tampa Bay’s Super Bowl Voyage

How Tom Brady And A Bartender Saved Tampa Bay's Super Bowl Voyage

It was week 13 of the NFL season and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers had seemingly hit rock bottom. Three losses in a four-week span jettisoned many fans from the bandwagon, leaving six-time Super Bowl champion quarterback Tom Brady alone to drown his post-Belichick sorrows at a bar in Tampa. As the once confident 6-foot-4 veteran raised his glass above his cleft chin and swallowed his woes, another drink was poured without him asking for more. Across the counter, a gray-bearded bartender stared back at him—eyes just below a distinct Kangol hat. In an effort to switch things up, he offered a different cocktail. Wired by the new mix, Brady left that bar and hasn’t lost a game since.

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How the NFL Playoffs Proved there’s “No Shame in Taking a Profit”

How the NFL Playoffs Proved there's No Shame in Taking a Profit

When you watch any good competition objectively—with no blind loyalty for either opponent—you free yourself to glean major takeaways from the complete experience. I honestly had no favorite in this past weekend’s NFL Playoff matchup between the Baltimore Ravens and Buffalo Bills (sorry Bills Mafia!), which is likely the reason why a remark made by analyst Cris Collinsworth during the NBC Sports broadcast became instant gold for a leadership lesson I feel we all can learn from.

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From Confetti to Getting Ready: The Key to Nick Saban’s Championship Consistency

From Confetti to Getting Ready: The Key to Nick Saban's Championship Consistency

If you want to understand a person’s capacity for sustained success, look no further than how they react…to confetti. This week, University of Alabama head football coach Nick Saban hoisted the College Football Playoff National Championship trophy with his team and before the players had finished mimicking snow angels in the confetti, Saban was already thinking about next.

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