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John C. Maxwell: Do You Know The Top Time-Waster In Leaders’ Lives?

Episode 8: John C. Maxwell, Leadership Expert, Asks: Do You Know The Top Time-Waster In Leaders’ Lives?

In this episode, you will learn the #1 time-waster in leaders’ lives and how to eliminate it from leadership expert, John C. Maxwell. John is a #1 New York Times Best-Selling Author, speaker, and coach. He has sold 26 million books in 50 languages and trained six million leaders. He recently reached the milestone of having trained leaders from every country in the world. John began practicing leadership at a young age, as a sophomore on the Circleville High School basketball team, he was named captain. “He might be the youngest,” his coach said to the team, “but there is nobody here that wants you to succeed as much as John.” We discuss how to apply John’s bookends of success— preparation and reflection— to your routine. Plus, I ask John: Were you a trash-talker? For that hilarious answer and more, listen now!

Show Outline:

  •  7:00   How to improve your self-discipline.
  • 18:30  Strategies on how to fuel your competitive fire with goal-setting.
  • 20:00  John’s “Law of Mount Everest”: As the challenge escalates, the need for teamwork elevates.
  • 37:30  The #1 time-waster in leaders’ lives and how to eliminate it.
  • 38:00  How to apply the bookends of success, preparation and reflection, to your life.

My favorite quotes from John C. Maxwell:

“My dad used to tell me the riddle: Five frogs on a log, four decide to jump off, how many frogs are left? And at first, I answered, “One.” Dad said, “No, five, just because you decide to do something doesn’t mean you did it.”

“We often look at people who are stars and say, “I want to do what you do.” But the question you MUST ask yourself is: “Do you want to do what they did?” Being the best requires sacrifices.”

“Respect for your competition comes from learning how you complete one another while you compete against each other.”

“Reflection turns experience into insight.”


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  • “Many of the leaders I have worked with were excellent athletes, and I think there is a direct correlation. You’re one of the few people that really has pursued this study Don. Keep up the great work. What you are doing really makes a difference.”

    Bill George

    Longtime Medtronic CEO, Harvard Professor

  • “I am a subscriber because you are one of the greatest teachers, one of the best storytellers I have ever met, and I know you will maximize the people you have on the podcast. I’m telling everyone, because when you find gold you point everyone to it.”

    John C. Maxwell

    Best-Selling Author, Leadership Expert

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