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“Don Yaeger was amazing. The stories that he had to make his points were so inspirational to me and gave me some great ideas on how to motivate my staff.”


I had the good fortune and pleasure of working with Don Yaeger in October 2013. My organization selected his “16 Characteristics of Greatness” as our key note presentation for a leadership event we hosted for our credit union partners called Leader Learning.
In working with Don he ascertained what our goal was for Leader Learning and tailored his “16 Characteristics” presentation to fit within our sixty minute timeframe. By choosing four of his 16 characteristics he was able to hone in on skills our credit union leaders could use immediately to improve the success of their teams.

Some participants said…

“Don Yaeger was amazing. The stories that he had to make his points were so inspirational to me and gave me some great ideas on how to motivate my staff.”

“The session provided unique ideas and examples of how to be a better leader. I look forward to applying my new found wisdom and watch my team grow.”

“I love inspirational and motivating stories such as Don’s. Just goes to show the potential that is out there!”

“I will share Don’s info with others to show how to change thinking and action to expect success; Attitude can have an enormous impact on success. Never give up, always think positivity and come up with solutions rather than focusing on the cants. Never settle for second best. The great ones got to that level by making that their personal mantra.”

An interesting note is that our Leader Learning event is held as a virtual venue. This means the 180 participants attended via their computers, including Don. This type of presentation was a first for Don, so he was eager to engage in pre-planning to assure his facilitation and material would read well in the virtual realm. We met twice before the actual event to walk through positive web cam and audio use, as well as how to emotionally engage with virtual participants. Don also secured his PowerPoint presentation to include still shots of the typical video he would use during his speech. The end result of Don’s diligence to embrace the new virtual world was a top notch event.
I would highly recommend Don Yaeger. His ability to be flexible and tailor his presentation to meet the needs of his audience is enviable. His storytelling acumen made his material come to life and enabled him to connect fully with our virtual Leader Learning attendees. Don is engaging and knowledgeable.

Lisa Piper-English Senior Business Consultant CUNA Mutual Group

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