A Shark Never Sleeps

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Wheeling and Dealing with the NFL’s Most Ruthless Agent

By Drew Rosenhaus with Don Yaeger and Jason Rosenhaus


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“I am a ruthless warrior. I am a hit man. I will move in for the kill and use everything within my power to succeed for my clients.”

It’s this attitude that has inspired the NFL clients of thirty-year old super agent Drew Rosenhaus to dub him “The Shark.” His predatory instincts have landed him on the cover of Sports Illustrated– a first for an agent– but his most indelible mark is his ability to fulfill the mantra “show me the money,” a phrase immortalized by the hit movie Jerry Maguire.” Now, Rosenhaus takes us for an outrageous spin through high-stakes NFL deal-making that makes game-day action look like croquet. The master of the multimillion- dollar deal, Rosenhaus has become the most feared man in sports– and blitzed business as usual in the NFL.

For the first time, Rosenhaus reveals the brash style that he wields on behalf of more than fifty clients– including such stars as Warren Sapp, and Eric Green, both of whom benefitted from a cool $200 million worth of deals in the past two years alone. And while other agents and the NFL executives may throw penalty flags at his aggressive tactics and his power to shift the balance of talent in the league, players love him. They’ve heard the Rosenhaus philosophy, and they’ve seen the money.

Super-agent Drew Rosenhaus takes readers on an outrageous journey through the high stakes NFL deal-making that makes game day action look like croquet–and offers a behind-the-scenes look at the hard cash, big egos, and extreme partying that is the NFL.

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