Pros And Cons


The Criminals Who Play in the NFL

By Jeff Benedict and Don Yaeger


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They’re America’s heroes. They drive the most expensive cars. They live in the biggest homes. Darlings of television sports and role models to millions of kids everywhere, National Football League players have come to personify the American dream. But there’s a dark side to this hero worship, a seamy element that’s rarely addressed by the league itself or the public.

In a recent random sampling of NFL players, it was estimated that one out of every five players has been charged with a serious crime. That includes such criminal offenses as rape, kidnapping, assault, battery, weapons possession, drug dealing, driving while intoxicated, domestic violence, and, yes, even homicide.

This book contains graphic and unsettling accounts of dozens of NFL players whose off-the-field behavior will shock and frighten you. PROS AND CONS is based upon extensive research that digs deep into the actual poice records, interviews with arresting police officers, discussions with local district attorneys, and conversations with victims, as well as interviews with players and coaches. The result is an appalling and disturbing picture of our Sunday “heroes.”

From the time they first show talent as young athletes to their cushioned status as college stars, to their seemingly open license to hurt, harass, and terrify as NFL superstars, Pros and Cons asks the reader to see the players for who they really are.

Investigative reporters Jeff Benedict and Don Yaeger pose the ultimate question: Is winning football games really more important than upholding society’s standards of the law? You read the stories, and then be the judge. What is guaranteed, though, is that you’ll never view an NFL game in the same way ever again.

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