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Losing Weight and Finding Meaning

Every once in a while I write about the importance of learning from your losses. No one has learned more than Joe Ostaszewski.

Ostaszewski—former defensive lineman for Florida State University and the NFL’s Miami Dolphins—was recently a finalist and season favorite on the hit-show the Biggest Loser. Ostaszewski fully committed himself to changing his life and went from 364 lbs to 217—a loss of a staggering 147 pounds! Following the show, he has made a personal mission not to only live a healthier life, but also to help youth and their families make healthy decisions.

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Post Game Greatness

I don’t believe anyone is a natural born leader; some people – because of the lessons they’ve learned and the people that have been there to teach them – just learn how to lead faster than others.

The process of learning how to become a Great leader absolutely fascinates me. You can imagine my amazement when I watched a post-victory interview last weekend conducted by ESPN reporter Tom Rinaldi with 19-year-old Jameis Winston, the starting quarterback for Florida State University.

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Sue Semrau

Do Unto Others…
The Great ones know character is defined by how they treat those who can not help them.

As many universities begin their fall semester this month, one of the most innovative yet under-publicized periods of the college sports calendar begins. Several years ago, NCAA rules changed to allow college basketball teams – both men’s and women’s – to take one pre-season out-of-country trip every four years, where the teams compete against their contemporaries from other lands. I’ve always been fascinated by these trips and almost every coach or player I’ve talked to over the years has said the trip changed the dynamic of that year’s team, opening players’ eyes to parts of the world they’ve never seen and inspiring an esprit de corps that bonds players together.

But no story of a team and its pre-season trip rivals the one I heard a year ago from Sue Semrau, the head women’s basketball coach at Florida State.

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Bobby Bowden

The truly Great have faith in a higher power.

As the college football season came to its official close last night with the national championship game, one of the enduring memories of this post-season came at the Gator Bowl in Jacksonville. There, college football’s second all-time winningest coach Bobby Bowden was carried off the field as his Florida State Seminoles won in what was Bowden’s final game.

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