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NFL Draft Lessons: Finding the Right Fit is Important

NFL Draft Lessons: Finding the Right Fit is Important

Football fans across the nation are getting ready for the NFL draft that starts tonight, waiting as their favorite teams bring in fresh talent.

While most of the attention will be on the teams and their new players, the NFL draft offers lessons for organizations of all stripes. Great teams in the NFL, like the Green Bay Packers, the New England Patriots, and the Pittsburgh Steelers, are in the playoff hunt almost every season. These teams build in the draft, choosing the right pieces for their organizations by doing their homework and finding players who will help them flourish.

For the best, they don’t just look at statistics and game film. They look for players who “fit” their culture.

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Greatness Doesn’t Always Come in a “Five-Star” Package

It’s been three weeks since the Super Bowl (Sorry to my friends from Seattle for bringing this up again!) and a couple of weeks since National Signing Day.

From those two events, there were a few things that stood out to me—and reminded me of what really matters on our road to Greatness.

If you’re a college football fan, National Signing Day can be a media circus. The sporting networks track every four- and five-star recruit and their college football program selections—or rumors of their choices—relentlessly. Fans are barraged with information about where the alleged “most talented” players are going.

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You Can’t Rush Greatness

Bill Belichick

Patience is a virtue, but for some of the best leaders, it can also be a victory.

Winning consistently is one of the most difficult mountains to climb both in sports and the business world. Only a select few are able to find true stability in success, but even fewer find job security when they’re unsuccessful. NFL helmets will clash for the last time this season on Super Bowl Sunday, but many organizations have already licked the envelopes on their pink slips and delivered them with ease.

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Simply Kaep-tivating

For the past 30 years–as a journalist and author, I’ve had the chance to cover some of the greatest athletes in the world.

I’ve been fortunate enough to interview Michael Jordan, Muhammad Ali, Lebron James on numerous occasions along with other legends like Walter Payton, Shaquille O’Neal, Jerry West, and Bobby Bowden. It’s rare that I watch a game during an NFL Sunday and find a player that makes me say, “I really want to interview that guy.”

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