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Which is More Important: Resiliency v. “Game Control?”

I love college football and a couple of years ago, when I learned that a decision had been made to implement a four-team playoff, I was overjoyed.

As a fan, the move excited me because instead of relying on computers and polls, we’d have an actual committee to evaluate which teams had earned the right to battle for the national title…then let the championship be decided on the field. But as this season has progressed, I’ve lost much of my enthusiasm for that committee because it seems that every week it is announcing a new criteria for what makes a team a top-four candidate.

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“What-if Moments” and “Bite-Sized Goals” – Kevin Eastman’s Keys to Success

The NBA regular season begins this week, and we are in for an incredible season of exciting play from spectacular teams.

But behind every on-court team…is a talented team of staff, and there are few individuals in the league as progressive as Kevin Eastman, former assistant coach and current Vice-President for Basketball Operations of the Los Angeles Clippers. Over dinner recently, Eastman taught me several valuable lessons on leadership, strategy, and planning for the worst in order to achieve the best and I am excited to share them with you.

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Failure is an option

If you are a sports fanatic, like me, then you’ll agree that this time of year is a sports fan’s dream.

There are a multitude of high profile events that can satisfy anyone: the French Open, NBA Finals, Stanley Cup Playoffs, and much, much more. Since I am not much of a commercial guy, I rely on my DVR to help me speed through my programs. But lately, I have discovered a commercial that was strong enough to make me press replay—and I love its message.

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Increase Your Value by Managing Your PACE Performance

The NFL Draft starts this week and the players who will be selected have been poked, prodded, measured and analyzed.

They have run 40-yard dashes, lifted weights and shown off specific skill sets for their potential employers. They have taken the Wonderlic — a timed logic and reasoning test that is used to gauge calm and critical thinking in a high-pressure environment.

But in recent weeks I have talked to several top level NFL executives who have shared a new “measurable” that has risen to prominence in their breakdown of players: they are taking note of a player’s PACE …Performance After a Critical Error. They are looking to see what players do immediately after making a mistake!

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