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New Year’s Resolutions Are Made to Be Broken… So Break the Mold!

If you’re anything like me, by now you’ve probably put off your New Year’s resolution at least once, haven’t you?

Let’s face it. Resolutions often dissolve as quickly as they are developed. Research has shown that for many of us, nothing really changes after New Year’s Day. According to Forbes Magazine, only 8% of people actually keep their resolutions. This uncomfortable truth begs the question: Why do so many of us fail at our New Year’s resolutions?

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Derek Jeter: A Legacy of Greatness

As New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter completes his last home game this week, the void that he’ll leave behind will be impossible to fill.

Jeter has embodied Greatness in his poise, leadership and hard work throughout twenty seasons in Major League Baseball, and after his final game, professional sports will have lost an icon.

Jeter’s sendoff is bittersweet. With the sporting world currently saturated with one scandal after another, Jeter is a polar opposite to what we have come to expect from professional athletes. What are the odds that an athlete can play a sport at the highest level, starting at just nineteen years old–in the Greatest media market in the world–and have such a legendary career without scandal?

We can thank his parents for that.

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The Grass Is Not Always Greener

With college football now officially underway, the current season will be full of rivalries, upsets, and incredible plays by successful teams.

But behind every Great team is a talented coach, and there are few coaches who have had the success of Chris Petersen of the University of Washington Huskies—who taught me a valuable lesson about career advancement.

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Celebrating the Everyday Heroes

Editor’s Note: In honor of July 4th, I wanted to share this story written by Brian Kilmeade of Fox News, my co-author on George Washington’s Secret Six, about some ideas we discussed together on celebrating the everyday heroes who contribute to our country’s greatness in both big and small ways.

When I set out to research the story of the Culper Spy Ring, I had no idea where it would take me. What resulted was a dynamic cast of characters, a little mystery, and a lot of adventure that all came together in a New York Times Best-Selling book, George Washington’s Secret Six: The Spy Ring that Saved the American Revolution (Sentinel: 2013). But what began as a project to explore an untold part of American history quickly became a personal mission to bring to light the names and deeds of the men and women—ordinary citizens—who had accomplished so much for the sake of their own freedom and that of future generations.

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