The Learning Leader Show Interviews Don Yaeger

The Learning Leader Show


Episode 137: Don Yaeger – How To Become A Master Storyteller

“The greatest in the world learn to hate losing more than they love winning.”

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Taking excuses off the table and understanding the value of who you associate with leads to sustained excellence.
  • Looking for imperceptible slights to fuel you – Michael Jordan’s method to motivate himself.
  • Listening, always being a student will lead to incredible relationships.
  • Understanding how to asks questions that lead people to open up.
  • Challenge yourself to be known by 5 words.
  • The process of becoming a professional speaker.
  • Understanding you have a personal brand and how to cultivate it.
  • The 16 things high performing teams do that others don’t.
  • Always having a development plan for the next leaders.
  • How to make meetings better – It starts with punctuality.
  • Learning Leader – John Wooden – Always reading, right up until the end of his life.
  • Playing quarterback and how it compares to other parts of life.
  • “Every other month I flew to California to meet with John Wooden. EVERY time I walked in the room he was reading a book. He never stopped learning.”

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Some of the Winning Teams Don Yaeger works with

Hewlett Packard