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16 Lessons From Great Teams

From over 30 years of studying the greatest team builders in
sports and business, Don has distilled these 16 habits
of high performing organizations

Great Teams Understand Their “WHY”

They are connected to a Greater purpose.

Learn how to constantly remind your players and employees of who they are in service of while being acutely aware of downstream beneficiaries.

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Great Teams Have And Develop Leaders

They sustain success by placing a high value on leadership.

Learn the common leadership styles and how to develop the type of management that best fits your team.

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Great Teams Allow Culture to Shape Recruiting

They sustain success by placing a high value on leadership.

Learn the common leadership styles and how to develop the type of management that best fits your team.

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Great Teams Create and Retain Depth

They build a deep bench at all levels of the organization.

Learn how to identify high potentials and keep them engaged with healthy, internal competition.

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Great Teams Have a Roadmap

Its leaders build for the future with comprehensive plans.

Learn how to develop a well-designed training program that ensures team members are onboarded with the end goal in mind.

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Great Teams Strive to Build Camaraderie

Its members develop a sense of responsibility through fellowship.

Discover how to infuse camaraderie throughout your team culture to promote a sense of collective direction.

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Great Teams Manage Dysfunction, Friction and Strong Personalities

Great Teams know how to succeed despite adversity and friction.

Learn how to maintain winning results while enduring the inevitable tension, conflict, and turmoil present in most workplace environments.

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Great Teams Build A Mentoring Culture

They encourage a mentoring culture inspired by teaching and learning every day.

Find out how to create the ideal mentoring relationship structure through assigning specific roles and responsibilities for all members of the team.

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Great Teams Adjust Quickly to Leadership Changes and Transitions

The most successful teams endure change and keep the established culture intact.

Gain insight in how to prevent stoppages in productivity when mergers, acquisitions, promotions, demotions, or other leadership transitions occur.

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Great Teams Adapt And Embrace Change

They understand what sowed winning results in the past might not guarantee future success.

Pick up tips on how the Great Team leaders identify necessary adjustments and quickly conform strategies to fit the changing landscape.

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Great Teams Run Successful Huddles

Meetings, like huddles, are an important part of achieving Greatness.

Master the art of efficient and effective meetings that reduce confusion, heighten engagement, and spark high-performance.

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Great Teams Improve Through Scouting

They scout internally and externally to gain a competitive advantage.

Learn how to find winning results by placing equal value on the study of competitors as well as introspective approaches like self-evaluation, internal trends, and performance reviews.

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New leadership lessons each week

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Great Teams See Value Others Miss

They recognize the opportunity in thinking outside the box.

Identify new channels of success through an emphasis on innovative interpretations of quantitative data, metrics, and hidden gems.

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Great Teams Win In Critical Situations

They thrive and win in high pressure circumstances.

Unlock the ability to finish strong in high-stakes or stressful scenarios by learning how the Great Teams have consistently won the fourth quarter.

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Great Teams Speak A Different Language

They speak success into existence.

Discover how to ask the right questions and promote effective communication on a high-performing, underachieving, seasoned or inexperienced team.

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Great Teams Avoid The Pitfalls of Success

They seek to sustain success by resisting complacency and other distractions.

Identify the common trappings of success and how the all-time Greats were able to defy human nature, sift temptation, and maintain high-performance.

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