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Lewis Howes Interviews Don Yaeger

Top 16 Characteristics with Don Yaeger

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Who was the most inspiring athlete that motivated Yeager to start writing books.
  • What it was like to spend time with Walter Payton during the last 10 weeks of his life.
  • What it was like being mentored by John Wooden for the last 10 years of his life.
  • How to maintain a positive and valuable inner circle (and how this is essential for greatness).
  • That “life is all about a series of pay it forward opportunities and mentoring is the greatest one”
  • The importance of reaching out to mentors when seeking them.
  • Who the most inspiring athlete is for Yaeger: Michael Jordan.
  • About the intimidating presence that Michael Jordan has.
  • Yaeger’s explanation for seeking greatness.
  • Why you must hate losing more than you like winning.
  • Which is more valuable: an amazing skill-set or an amazing mindset.
  • Why sustainability is so important when seeking greatness.
  • Why Yaeger appreciates Derek Jeter so much as an athlete.
  • Yaeger’s predictions for Kobe Bryant.
  • What’s going on next for Yaeger: Make a Wish Foundation.

Quotes for this Episode:

  • “You will never outperform your inner circle.” – John Wooden
  • “You show me your friends and I’ll show you your future.” – John Wooden
  • “Competitive greatness is your ability to be your very best when your best is needed.”
  • “A loss is not a failure until you make an excuse.” – Michael Jordan
  • “You gotta do common things, uncommonly well.” – Don Yaeger
  • “Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future.” – Don Yaeger
  • “Greatness is not attainable, but in the pursuit of it, you can achieve excellence.” – Vince Lombardi

Books Mentioned in this Episode:

  • Never Die Easy
  • The Game Plan for Life
  • Wooden on Leadership
  • 16 Characteristics of Greatness
  • Wish Granted
  • Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

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