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Five Ways Relationship Building Can Create Success

Editor’s Note: This week’s blog will be written by Lee Williams, a member of my writing team, on the importance of relationship-building within an organization. I hope you enjoy his insights!

– Don Yaeger

I asked Don for permission to write for his blog for this week because I wanted to share some thoughts about our team environment.

This week, our company celebrated its annual Christmas party—a remarkable mixing of our personal and professional lives. In some companies, it is a dreaded annual obligation but while at our company’s event, I was able to observe the outstanding camaraderie between our team and family members. From a home-cooked meal (Don’s wife Jeanette is an incredible cook!) to a White Elephant gift exchange that left us all laughing, the focus was very clearly on relationship-building and by the end of the night, I realized that this is a key component to success in any organization.

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Wounded Warrior Project: Repaying the Sacrifice

Editor’s Note: In a salute to Veterans Day, I wanted to share with you a story that ran in SUCCESS Magazine this month about an organization that’s taking a bold, businesslike approach to its important mission.

By Don Yaeger

Steven Nardizzi thought he was prepared. But really, how could he have been?

A lifelong passion for serving veterans had led Nardizzi and a number of colleagues to start a small support organization called the Wounded Warrior Project (WWP). The goal was to offer encouragement and care to a generation of soldiers coming back from the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. The group had purchased backpacks and filled them with items to comfort the wounded.

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Leadership is a Contact Sport

In the fast-paced worlds of sports and business, the daily demands of leaders are always increasing, which leaves little time for anything outside of our schedules.

But to be successful, we must make leadership a contact sport. By really putting in the effort to get to know your team better, you lay the foundation for Greater success within your organization.

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The Spurs Model: Know What Matters

No matter your opinion of them as a team, you have to agree that the San Antonio Spurs are a model of consistency, winning… and diversity.

Each of the seven foreign-born players on their roster was an integral component to the team’s success. One of the breakout stars for the Spurs has been backup point guard Patty Mills, who delivered an incredible performance in the fifth game of the NBA Finals against the Miami Heat. Mills scored 17 points, including four straight 3-pointers, helping the Spurs clinch the championship.

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