Undue Process


The NCAA's Injustice For All

by Don Yaeger

Hardcover Edition


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One hundred and seven times during the 1980s, sports fans from Poughkeepsie to Puget Sound, from Minneapolis to Miami, opened their morning newspapers and learned that their favorite university had lost the ultimate contest- a battle with the NCAA. The “crimes” always were well-displayed and the punishments often severe.

But what those fans-and the reporters who cover those stories never see is how the NCAA’s system of “justice” really works. Who determined the punishment their school received? Who were the investigators on those cases? How well were they trained? What kind of attitude did they take into the investigation? How well do they do their jobs? Is the NCAA really equipped to undertake these investigations and to judge the results fairly? Are the hundreds of thousands of dollars schools spend defending themselves against the NCAA worthwhile investments, especially since every school’s guilt is assured before its defense is ever heard?

Don spent more than 300 hours in taped interviews asking those questions to coaches, athletic directors, student-athletes, and NCAA officials. The answers may be shocking to the average sports fan. And they should be disturbing to everyone who cares about college athletics.

“For those of you that don’t believe the NCAA is a sanctimonious organization, Don Yaeger is the first person to ever investigate the NCAA. His book is must-reading.”


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